High Ceilings

Boat Storage

An additional benefit of indoor storage is the security of having your RV, boat or collectible auto locked in its own private storage unit - with you being the only person with access to it.  This means there's no need to remove valuable electronics and other other valuables from your unit when it comes time to store it for the winter.

is the ultimate storage solution for your

RV, boat or collectible automobile.

Conveniently located 3 miles north of Lebanon we

are close to major routes 81, 78, 72 and 22


Indoor RV, Boat
​& Auto Storage

Indoor storage offers near total protection from the elements. Your RV, boat or collectible automobile is completely protected from the rain and sun while housed in an indoor unit.  This protection can save you money on repairs and cleaning. You can rest assured that your RV will be in excellent condition when it comes time to take to the road or water again!

Carlin’s Indoor RV, Boat and Self Storage

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